Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What A Day

Read an e-mail recently from my niece who wrote a hysterical account of a trip to the store to buy a Halloween costume for her son (I'd like to mention now she's very young since I just disclosed I'm a "great"-aunt). Anyway, I had a similar story recently and thought I'd post it so I didn't have to come up with new material for my blog tonight. :-)

November 5, 2008

5:38 AM – Wake up, go to the bathroom, check clock, realize I can sleep another hour and go back to bed.

6:48 AM – Wake up (again) go downstairs, make coffee, grab Ab roller while brewing and do 50 sit-ups. Feel better about eating all the Halloween candy. .

6:58 AM – Get in shower.

7:20 AM – Go downstairs again, begin making kids lunches – sigh huge relief, Ryan has hot lunch ordered – no need to make Chicken nuggets. Microwave leftover mac-n-cheese for Maggie. Think about eating a bagel. Get sidetracked.

7:26 AM - Grandma arrives to help get kids on bus because Papa is sick. Grandma doesn’t know routine. Stop everything and get flustered because now I’m running late.

7:28 AM – Wake Maggie up, remind Caitlin to take her pill. Make her go upstairs and help her fix her hair.

7:33 AM- Finish putting on make-up, jewelry, and shoes. Brush teeth.

7:40 AM - Look for coffee to-go cup. Can’t find one. Use big thermos instead. Remember bagel. Forget bagel while helping to look for Maggie and Ryan’s missing recorders for music class. Tell kids to pray.

7:45 AM – Decide to bring leftover donut holes no one is eating for breakfast to work. Grab, coffee, donuts, and go to hug kids good-bye.

7:48 AM - Accidentally drop donuts all over floor while hugging Caitlin. Cait volunteers to get dustbuster and vacuum floor – tell her thanks. Watch Ryan put all donuts that rolled on filthy floor back in box. Instruct Grandma to pitch it all. Leave quickly in frustration. Hear Ryan say he found his recorder on way out the door.

7:53 AM – Call Grandma from cell phone immediately after leaving house to remind kids to brush teeth, making left turn while on call. Watch coffee tumble over across passenger side well. Curse husband for having all coffee “go mugs” in his car.

8:00 AM – Drive 70 on highway to make up time.

8:05 AM – Pray to be on time for 8:15 meeting. Repent for driving 70.

8:10 AM – Pull into parking lot, go into building and dig through bottom of purse for 2 minutes looking for keys to get in.

8:12 AM – Knock on employee door. No keys.

8:13 AM – Go to fridge to put away lunch – realize left lunch (and bagel) at home.

8:14 AM – Go back to cubicle and realize no keys means no unlocking all cabinets with daily work in them.

8:15 AM – Spot Coffee to-go mug on desk. Repent for cursing husband. Go to Chapel for employee meeting. Sing praises to God for 15 minutes with whole staff.

8:30 AM – All is well with the world again.

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