Monday, January 26, 2009

Really God?

Our Pastor has been preaching lately about Jonah - and let me tell you it's a lot different than the Sunday School story that focuses on a whale. He challenged us, like God challenged Jonah, to come out of our comfort zones and be willing to stretch for the Lord as called. This is wise counsel as our church is looking to expand dramatically in the coming year and it will take a lot of commitment from more than a few people to do it successfully. But I still didn't have any idea how many times God would challenge me not to be comfortable in one week. After awhile, I was getting annoyed. And then I was a little embarrassed when I realized how annoyed I was, assuming one uncomfortable situation would meet my quota and I could leave the rest of the discomfort to other poor saps. Imagine what our potential would be if we weren't limited by our own rudely constructed walls.

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Linda L said...

This is great, Laura! Way to go! You have a wonderful way to express yourself and apply biblical truth to life. I hope to check in often!
Linda Green