Monday, January 26, 2009

So I’ve been thinking forever about starting a blog, or at least I’ve been thinking about it since I knew what a blog was. And I almost did it before my annual Christmas letter so that I could put the blog address in the letter. Knowing that if I did, there would be some accountability for me to write regularly, because people I knew and loved would be checking….yeah, that didn’t end up being incentive enough.

But everything in my life right know is pointing me in that direction and I can almost hear God audibly telling me that I’ve waited long enough to write, it’s time to get stuff out there. I’m not sure if God actually says “stuff”, but that’s my interpretation. I think really He was more like Nike and along the lines of “Just do it.”

So they say when you write, you should write what you know, so there will be a fair bit of writing about Jesus. And that will probably chase off more than half of what will be my “invited audience” by which I mean people whose e-mail addresses I have and who have a clue who I am. It’s not my intent to use this blog to preach but if that happens, you’ve been warned. I’ll pretty much just write what’s on my mind and things that move me or perplex me as the case may be.

I should disclose right up front that I’m not for everyone. For those of you out there who are kind, meek, soft-spoken, well-mannered and incredibly disciplined, I will most likely offend you immediately, though not intentionally. I am not a quiet person, and I know this about myself. You won’t hear my volume in a blog, but you’ll get the sensation just the same. Gentle is not one of the first 20 adjectives people use to describe me. And restraint isn’t my strong point either. So it’s like this, I have no problem keeping other people’s secrets - I just can’t keep my own. However a lot of what happens to me, involves other people, so I won’t name names without permission or embarrass my husband or family (again, at least not intentionally).

That about covers the ground rules. I’ll be thrilled if even one person checks in regularly, but for now, it’s more about me getting into the habit of writing again than worrying about any of it getting read!

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