Saturday, February 28, 2009

Driving Me Crazy

I like to drive. And if I'm honest, I like to drive pretty fast. It's become increasingly difficult to drive at the speed I prefer as my kids have become more and more aware of limits, laws and less than convincing justifications from me.

Around here everyone drives 70 in a 55 if you're on a highway. At least in the two left lanes they do. It's to the point, where no one even thinks about it anymore. Well no one in the front seat.

Frustration #1 - I can no longer rationalize driving 15 over the speed limit to my son. The whole "but everyone else is doing it" is what the kids say to the parents, not the other way around.

Frustration #2 - One of those kids isn't in the back seat anymore. Which means she can reach the radio. I never thought much about the day I would have to fight to keep my station on. Or any station on for more than 2 minutes before the seek button was hit yet again.

The upside is she's looking for band names she knows and since we got a new van around Thanksgiving we have that cool digital read out feature that tells you the song and band name for all stations that stream it. A lot of the bands she likes are bands I like (thanks to my ipod and Guitar Hero on her DS) - but there's still a lot of disagreement as to whether there might not be a better song on another station...

Frustration #3 - I can't spend any time negotiating with my kids in the car, because I have to pay more and more attention to all the other vehicles drifting into my lane as they incessantly dial their cell phones while driving 70 in a 55. I actually have to swerve to avoid a car hitting me in MY lane an average of 3-4 times a week. There are another dozen occasions when I don't actually have to swerve - breaking is sufficient.

You know U2's song "All I Want Is You?" I've always loved that line "You say you'll give me a highway with no one on it" - always thought of that as heavenly. Better than the treasures and riches in the lines that follow. They have a new album out on Tuesday. Dare I try to listen to it in the car?


Claire said...

The new CD was available in Ireland on Sunday! I thought of you and almost bought it for you just because it wasn't yet available here, but then realized it WOULD be available here by the time I got home :) (and I was afraid that you might already have it a few days later!)

Laura said...

The radio thing is always a struggle. My rule is if its my car then I decide, when its your car, you decide. Also, I am your Mother so tough cookies.

Did you see? U2 kicks off the North American tour right here in Chicago on Sept 12. Awesome!