Saturday, February 7, 2009

Original Thought

I've been reading a lot lately and honestly, I've been so impressed with some of the insight that's been offered to me through the words of others. Words about loss and pain, words of confession and submission, words about limits and boundaries...all calling me to various truths I've missed before.

I've been so moved by these authors' ability to articulate the deepest thoughts and feelings of their souls that I have been both motivated to write about my own experiences as well as to share these other written insights with almost everyone I know.

I remember something my mother said to me years ago about there basically being no such thing as original thought. I also remember being very indignant about her comment. It injured my pride. I had believed I was capable of original ideas, words and actions and had every intention of demonstrating them boldly and frequently so as to disprove her theory.

How much has changed over the years as my desire to share other people's wisdom often far supercedes my desire to share any of my own. That, too is a bit comical - that I should think I possess any wisdom that wasn't given to me as a gift.

My mom is always good for a humility check in that regard. The older I get the less I balk at it.

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Kathy said...

I often feel the same way when I'm knitting. I think I'm doing something new and creative, but it's all been done before. But the fact that we're carrying on in the same tradition as our predecessors is kind of cool in its own way.