Monday, January 21, 2013

My Indian Name is "Laughs-A-Lot"

So the non-PC title notwithstanding, I'm happy to declare that I have a growing reputation for laughing. A lot. While I was sick and out of work for an extended period of time, one of the first things some of my co-workers said when I returned was how good it was to hear my laugh again. I attribute that to the steady stream of humor in my Outlook inbox (some intentional and some not so much). It seems others believe it's more to do with how easily amused I am.

Friday night, Dan and I went to see Brian Regan (Google him) at the Chicago Theater. I had bought tickets for Dan's birthday and we were excited to see him in person after countless nights watching his bits on youtube with the kids. That's the beauty of Brian Regan - you can watch him with children in the room, because he's one of the few remaining clean comics. He had new material on this tour and it didn't disappoint. I'm sure I was heard snorting a few times (can't help it) and literally cried my mascara off in laughter. The opening act was great too. My favorite line of his was "I can solve all the traffic problems in Chicago with one word..."Goooo!"

I continued to smile from ear to ear on Saturday while walking through the Peanuts exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry with Caitlin. Some of Charles Shulz's best comic strips were plastered on the walls in the mouths of Lucy, Linus and good ole Charlie Brown. The smiles continued at not one, but two, baby showers at church later that afternoon.

Sunday was full of joy too while our church celebrated our 60 year anniversary with grateful testimonies and songs of praise.

Today was more like Friday night as I wondered again why I put mascara on. Dan and I had the privelege of attending Lou Malnati's annual manager holiday party because one of our friends was being honored for 30 years with the company. They were gracious enough to include those of us who had worked with him back in the beginning. After a series of video clips that rivaled the best late night comedy show efforts and a "Malnati Idol" Karaoke competition that put local venues to shame, I was undone. I can't do the performances justice with mere words, but I can tell you I was the one laughing hardest and loudest in the room.

On the coldest day in about a year, in a long season of winter in Chicago, it's good to have occasion to laugh. I'm grateful God wired me that way and gave me the fellowship of those who bring it out.

"A joyful heart is good medicine." Proverbs 17:22

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