Saturday, January 5, 2013


So...interesting week so far. This being the first week of the New Year I must admit I had different expectations of what the week would hold, but that's because I keep forgetting that God laughs while I make plans.

New Year's Eve was the quietest yet, with me on the couch for the fourth consecutive day. I made it out to the doctor's office to confirm I either had the worst personal virus in five years or an infection that somehow steered clear of my lungs. Either way, I got an antibiotic prescription, stocked up on kleenex with lotion, cough drops, ibuprofen and DVD's and settled in for the night. The twins left for a sleepover much to their big sister's delight and Dan and I loaded up the new bluray player with our library rentals. Eventually, Caitlin emerged from her batcave (aka the basement where the Wii and her brand new laptop reside) and informed us we missed the count down to midnight. Oh well. We hugged each other and went to bed.

New Year's Day was much the same. So was Wednesday. And Thursday.

On Friday, I finally started to feel better, which is good because the laundry was mounting and the food in the house waning. That night we got together with the Eder side to welcome my brother-in-law visiting from Florida. By 9pm I hit the brick wall hard.

Today I got to see my goddaughter compete in a gymnastic meet, have lunch with great friends and then go on to a 50th birthday party for my brother-in-law (this is the part where I'm supposed to mention that he's older than both Dan and me). It was a wonderful day. Not because anything super spectacular happened but because it was spent with people I love. I'm getting better at being in the moment (maybe because I spent a week on the couch, but still). It's so rewarding to just enjoy time together.

Tomorrow is a busy day - there's a farewell luncheon for a great couple from church that are moving out of state and an annual evening event for all the ministry leaders. These occasions will be celebratory too - more so than watching a ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve - because they will be spent with people rejoicing in all the ways God has blessed us this past year.

And because we can trust God to give cause for more celebrations in the year to come.

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