Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat & Ashes

Well now that the lenten season is officially upon us, it has occurred to me we are well into February and I've only posted once on this blog since the new year. Kind of ironic, since a blog by definition means one is writing pretty much all the time.

Oh well.

I'm trying to improve my discipline by writing even when I don't feel like it, even when I don't have the time and even when I lack any inspiration.

This post will be short.

Yesterday was "Fat Tuesday" which by all accounts in my mind is more a less an excuse to stuff our faces with Pazcki's and otherwise indulge ourselves in "sinful pleasures" before the 40 days of fasting begins. Except no one I know fasts. And it isn't 40 days. (Sundays don't count leading up to Easter).

I was feeling pretty good that my Pazcki intake was limited to 1/4 of one of the powdered-sugar covered and custard-filled delights. Especially because these days I could be accused of Fat Friday and Fat Monday just as easily. The six boxes of Girl Scout cookies didn't help. Okay. There were eight boxes.

But the Ash part I get. I appreciate a reminder of any kind that "we are but ashes and to ashes we will return" because my default is too think way higher of myself than I ought (Romans 12:3).

And I'm all for times of reflection that lead to repentance and an attitude that shares in the sufferings of Christ.

I'm just not going to limit myself to one day.

Or 40.

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