Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Week in Review

What a difference a week makes.

Since I wrote in detail of my stress induced meltdown I thought it fitting to give a progress report.

I have stepped down from a committee whose mission I fully support.

I have delayed the start up of an on-going group meeting that I enjoy participating in.

I have resisted the temptation to offer to help those who have needs for assistance outside of my normal and on-going commitments.

I've been on two dates with my husband in one day.

I've been able to do my job effectively and cheerfully.

I've received an embarrassing amount of encouraging notes, emails and phone calls from several people who have literally showered me with care.

I've cried less out of overwhelming emotion and more out of overwhelming gratitude.

I've looked closer at my own behavior, relationships and priorities and considered how they align with God's Word, will and wisdom.

I've appreciated my family (bot immediate and extended) more and spent more time with immediate and less time with extended.

I've slept better.

I've laughed more.

I've breathed easier.

I've decided to sell my U2 tickets to the second show and (gasp!) only go to one this tour.

I've listened more carefully when my children have spoken.

I've made room for doing nothing. Literally. Nothing.

I've appreciated my husband's patience.

I've treasured my sister's counsel and my brother's concern and my other sister's company.

I've been to the park four times to watch how my kids interact with their friends and chat with neighbors about the new school year.

I've prayed a lot.

I've been to an art fair with my mom.

I've set limits.

I've kept the limits I set.

I've moved a little bit closer to what my boss calls the right trajectory.

I've felt less tired and more peaceful.

I've been blessed this week.

By many of you.

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.

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