Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Short and Sweet

So I just reread my last entry, my but I was chatty that night.

An update for those interested - Dan went to court on Thursday for the hearing on our tow. The first ironic task at hand was to find a legal parking spot on the street because there wasn't any at the courthouse.

So he asks the female police officers hanging out on the street if he'll get towed if he parks his car there and they say no, but it might get stolen. Seriously.

He went in a half hour early. There were three cases in front of him - two poor guys who couldn't speak English found themselves out of luck pretty quickly. The other guy thought pictures printed off of Google Maps would suffice to prove his lack of signage claim. The veteran Chicago prosecutor wasn't inclined to agree with him. Especially after she saw Dan took the time to take and print real photos of the street we were parked on from all angles.

After producing all the documentation she requested and a lot of "Yes Maam", "No Maam" and "Thank You Maam" I think she was sufficiently convinced Dan jumped through all the hoops and was respectful enough to go easy on because before he knew it he was filling out a form to get reimbursed for the tow. When he suggested he might be pushing it and began to explain how there were also two taxi fees, etc. etc. It was confirmed he was pushing it and he was dismissed. Ah well, we recovered the tow money and his car wasn't stolen in the meantime!

Today the kids had a half day at school. When I was waking Maggie up a little after 7:00 am I said "C'mon Magz, it's time to get up for school, but it's only a half day today so you can eat lunch at home." She says half-asleep, "Mommy, if it's a half day of school, why don't we just go for the second half?" And lays her sweet little head back on the pillow.

The kids slays me.

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