Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Next Appointment

For the past four months there hasn't been more than three consecutive days that the mail has come without a medical bill and/or insurance claim in the mix.

I guess it's just par for the course after two ER visits, two surgeries, one bout of walking pneumonia, a pinched nerve, and the regular annual check-ups (which are more extensive for those of us over 40) our family has experienced in that time.

So when we left the therapists office today after Caitlin's session and the Doctor smiled and said "That's it, she's doing great, call me if you need me" it was a rather joyous occasion on all fronts.

The biggest joy is truly how much progress Cait has made since she was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome two years ago this month. She has grown in ways and measures far beyond what I would have expected or imagined when this process began. She is comfortable in her own skin and yet willing to be stretched. She is in many ways an example of surrender and stepping up to the plate simultaneously. She has worked hard, listened attentively, taken a step back when necessary, gotten frustrated, remembered what's she learned and applied it. Daily. She is a joy and an inspiration.

She spent her last session interviewing her doctor for a health booth display she's working on as her last project before moving on to Jr. High. She's going to educate her class (and anyone who will stop by her booth) about Asperger's Syndrome. She feels she's in a great position to dispel the myths and inform the masses. Her doctor agreed. She told me how much she had enjoyed getting to know Caitlin and that she really loved her. I smiled because that's what all the people who take the time to really get to know Cait tell me...they just love her! As a mom it's so cool to see your child have such an impact on professionals who often don't see a lot of progress. As a mom whose blown it a bunch of times and often wondered what took me so long to help her in the right way, I am grateful for God's mercy and patience with me.

So while I sort through the medical bills and try to figure out who wants how much by when for what and where to send it, I want to pause and Praise God, thank everyone for their prayers and commend my beautiful daughter Caitlin for this precious gift of not needing a follow-up appointment.

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Alexis said...

I'm so happy to hear that Caitlin is doing so well.