Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogger's Block

Can you still call it a blog if you haven't written on it for three weeks? Honestly, I don't know how anyone finds time to sit and write on Facebook 15 times a day.

I don't do Facebook. Like I don't do sleepovers. I've found there are certain things that don't work for me or my family and so I take the hard line. It's not personal. So I hope those of you who have invited me to visit your "page" and check out your pictures understand. Oh, and I should probably admit I don't count girl's weekend away as a sleepover.

My kids are banned from sleeping at other kid's houses or inviting other kids to sleep here. Mostly because I like to sleep. And no one sleeps at a sleepover. Plus, I remember being a kid at a sleepover. I know what we did. And as fun as it was those few times I got that call between 11:00 and midnight to come get them (or maybe not so late, but 20 miles away) I can do without it in the future.

I've grown very attached to my self-imposed rules. They establish really clear boundaries. And I've discovered I love boundaries!

I'm told there aren't a lot of boundaries on Facebook.

So while many seem to think I'm missing out on reconnecting with a ton of people I don't really have time to reconnect with or the chance to monitor my kids accounts (they don't have any) or mastering the art of misspelled abbreviated jargon, I'm happy to be left behind.

Besides, I tell them...."I've got this blog".

So I guess I'd better start writing on it again!!

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