Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emphasis on "Break"

Do you know how you're typing a word and all of a sudden it just doesn't look right? I wrote Spring Break down on the calendar and the word "break" seemed odd. I was sure for a minute something was wrong with it. Surely, I had misspelled it. It just

Was it the context? If you just say the word "break" - what's the first thing you think of? I think of a broken bone. Then I think of "break it off." Like bread. Or a relationship. About the fourth or fifth thing I think of is break as in "take a break", rest a little. Just. Stop.

I think all this says a lot about the pace in which I live life. I used to be the most relaxed person I know. I'm not nearly the most stressed at the moment, but I've had a pain in my back and shoulders for about 3 weeks now that some friends who know a thing or two about pysical therapy say is stress.

There are just two days left of Spring Break and I was feeling a little bad that we didn't do more "fun" stuff with the kids - I had two days off and Dan took off one and besides three trips to the library and a bowling outing, we didn't really "do" much. But the kids didn't care. In fact they were delighted to lounge around in their pajamas till noon, hang out with the neighbor kids on the nicer days and read and play games in the house. They were delighted not to have homework, not to have anywhere to go at night, and not to get up early and be somewhere the next day. I am seeing their point.

I spent several hours today reading. A fiction book. In the middle of the day.

I was feeling a little guilty I wasn't getting anything done (although I had started some laundry, made breakfast and did the dishes). My husband told me to stop feeling guilty and read the book. So I did.

It was a wonderful break.

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