Monday, September 3, 2012

Post Labor Day

A bit of wordplay for you as this is a post and it is in fact Labor Day. But as the day comes to a close my thoughts are jumping ahead to the horizon of fall that is looming even if it did hit 90 degrees today and I have the sunburn to prove it.

This wasn't exactly the long Labor Day weekend I expected - it started slow with two sick kids home from school on Friday and a forced 48 hour recovery plan with no activity so they could recoup before the firmer plans made for Sunday and today. As much as I hate to see my kids suffer, I was grateful for the rest and for their excellent attitudes in the midst of congestion and uncontrollable coughing. It's like our house becomes a time machine whenever a couple of us are down for the count. Or at least we trade in a lot of the technology for a bunch of board games and books.

By God's grace they mended quickly and we were able to relax and spend some time with my husband's family on Sunday. Then today it was off to the annual Labor Day Parade at Schaumburg's Septemberfest.

I LOVE parades. Love them. Especially the ones that include veterans, boy & girl scout troops and special olympics participants. This is one of the better suburban parades and I was so glad to be there for it after missing the 4th of July parade this year when it was over 100 degrees and we had three separate places to go. Best bonus: my oldest daughter was in it.

Caitlin persevered with the Conant Marching Band through the 90 degree heat while keeping her line and time in the required wool uniform. Why we haven't come up with a material that breathes and performs while looking cool in a day and age that produces so many fashion reality shows is beyond me.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into several neighbors (we couldn't have planned it if we tried) and find some shade to hang out in while watching. My husband Dan, God bless him, volunteered to march alongside the band on hydration detail. I heard they ran out of water twice in the two not-so-short miles and were happy to accept garden hoses offered at parade route homes to refill their buckets!

After we dumped our loads of Smarties, Bulls-Eyes and Tootsie Rolls in the car, Maggie and Ryan toughed it out a bit longer to indulge me at the craft show. Though, I can honestly say it was more of a fly over, only stopping at the 3-4 booths I specifically thought would have the planned gifts I hoped to purchase. That was good because Maggie has an issue with heat exhaustion and was dangerously close to passing out as the magenta hues overtook her sweet face.

Now they are all getting ready for bed and MAP testing at school tomorrow while their father is drafting his Fantasy Football team. And so fall has arrived in our routine if not yet on the calendar.

Tomorrow I start a new schedule at work moving from 24-30 hours a week. I'm glad about it even while I'm wondering how the house and homework will be affected. I'm also thinking about what to wear and considering my white capris now that those fashion shows I mentioned tell us we can wear white after Labor Day.

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