Monday, April 30, 2012

Company and Cleaning

This weekend I had company and then I cleaned.

I know that seems backwards to most people - normally I'm one of those people - but this weekend was a wonderful reminder that the eternal things like relationships are so much more important and satisfying than the temporary things, like a clean house.

Friday night I had two of my cousins kids over for a sleepover. Between, pizza, movies, popcorn, a huge blow up bed in the living room, pancakes in the morning and playing spoons in the afternoon, it was a wild and wonderful success.

Saturday my brother, nieces and nephew came over along with one of my closest and oldest friends(as in time, not age) just to hang out. Popeye's chicken with coupons, more movies, a little basketball/park action and lots of great conversation made me forget about the coffee table doubling as a T.V. tray and the crumbs accumulating on various floors throughout the house. Not to mention dirty bathrooms (I did clean one toilet before the adults arrived).

Sunday was church, more great conversation after another incredible worship service, then lunch at Panera with a gift card and free soup with my member card! A jaunt to the library, another movie, and several chapters of back and forth reading with Maggie, (who jumped up 15 points on her MAP test!) capped it all off.

Today is my day off and I spent the first hour or so reading the Bible, praying and realizing almost all of my laundry was already done. After awhile I cleaned the kitchen, then the living room, then my son's room and in the process filled an entire box with garage sale items. Then I started on the basement and filled four more boxes for a garage sale.

My allergies are going nuts from all the dust, and I'm only 1/16th done with the basement, but all in all I got a lot of cleaning done today.

And I'm so glad it was all done out of order!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a GREAT weekend to me!!