Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweetheart Dance

Saturday night my husband took a young lady out for dinner and dancing. The young lady was my 11 year old daughter and the dance was the annual Girl Scouts Sweetheart Dance. We use to call it the Daddy-Daughter dance, but we've realized over the years that not every girl is fortunate enough to attend with her dad. This is their 5th consecutive year going.

It's also their last.

Maggie leaves the grade school that hosts the dance at the end of this school year. The last dance of the night was only for 6th grade girls and their dads - it was set to U2's "The Sweetest Thing." It's a good thing I wasn't there or I'd have been bawling my eyes out.

I've heard people tell me my whole life - you blink and it's over - they grow up so quick - don't miss these moments, etc. And now I'm the one telling the new moms the same things.

Ryan always adds a little levity to the situation though. When he asked where they were going for dinner, Maggie told him Olive Garden. And Ryan said, "Olive Garden?! I LOVE that place! No matter what you order they ask you if you want cheese on it!!"

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