Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday was a day of good-byes. Both seemed too soon and both were bittersweet.

One was at a funeral for my sister-in-law's mom. We sat through the service and listened to the wonderful eulogy that captured the spirit of Mary with laughter and tears. Watching her family band around each other with love and support gave comfort even as it testified to the kind of woman she was. My heart hurts for her children and grandchildren who weren't ready to say good-bye. Life goes by so quickly.

The other farewell was for a beloved co-worker who is retiring and headed south to be near her daughter and grandaughters. She and her husband have made such an impact on so many lives at our church and they've done it all quietly, behind the scenes and with no wish but to see the Lord glorified through their efforts. I can't possibly bemoan their leaving knowing what a blessing they will be to their own family now.

At each event we celebrated the time we had together and at each event we mourned the time we'll have apart.

Days like that remind me how temporary this all is and how, for those who believe, an eternity together in the presence of the Lord is cause for rejoicing every day.

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