Monday, May 31, 2010

May Day

It occurred to me that I hadn't written on this blog in a month and I didn't want May to pass by without a single post.

Today was Memorial Day which is always something more than a picnic type of holiday for us as Dan spent 22 years in the National Guard and has many friends who have served or are serving overseas.

We were watching the Stanley Cup finals (Go Hawks!) getting emotional while they sang the Star Spangled Banner when the thought occurred to us that maybe four of the guys on the ice were actually American.

I get chills every time I hear that song while people remove their hats and cover their hearts or salute the flag. I love this country and I'm grateful for the freedoms we enjoy but each year this day becomes less about being American to me and more about celebrating those who sacrificed their lives to give me freedom. I will always appreciate that sacrifice from brave soldiers past, but I am most reminded of the ultimate sacrifice paid by my Lord Jesus Christ, and the ultimate freedom that comes from faith in Him...freedom from sin! Battles may still wage, but that war is won.

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all you vets!

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